Limited Resources, Unlimited Ideas #amigov

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Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Australia Marketing Institute Government and Communications conference on the beautiful Gold Coast @ the Hyatt
The conference was tweeted #amigov

Instead of lots of notes to read I thought I would write up my key themes.

Omnipresent deflation from @sammartino

• Everything is cheaper today
• Technology deflation, hacker culture where imagination is winning Marketing = technology eq Harvey Norman, group on, everything cheaper. Change of power to the buyer.
• More for less everywhere and the focus on the long tail
• Collaboration marketing and collaboration across agencies
• Web of things google images. Smart info when we need it.
• 4p’s still exist but its about Collaboration and piggybacking
• Reinvent or be replaced

My Take
What is marketing and research’s model in this?
Is it going to happen anyway? This has got me thinking on how much Agencies and marketers need to adapt to the new world

Want to get really clear with you on what we are trying to do.
Happy staff = happy clients
Necessity is the mother of invention
Advocacy is not related to pay, but to listening to staff and making them feel part of things
Research has been growing forever, bigger offices, more people Last 5 years, smaller offices, getting rid of people.
Client WOM? Do people want to be like their peers? Who are the cool brands, people we want as advocates?
Learn for free research, take photos, sit and watch, google ngram, google trends,

My Take
Again what is our model in this? how is marketing and research adapting
Working harder – impossible? Not sustainable, not necessary?
Working smarter? How
What are we doing to create partnerships ?

Lean creativity
1. Understand identity
2. A core brand idea is simple, memorable, inspiring (lonely planet- Travel changes you)
3. What is our problem (how does this translate to customers problem and needs)
4. Learn for free research
5. Building a brand team and a Brand platform
6. Don’t reinvent the wheel- Using creative tools (6 hats, mind maps) 8. Understand the Meaningful comms that hit location and attention

My Take
Leaner research – is this an idea?

Andrew Hockley, dept pm’s office

Start every project like you have zero budget. To get a good answer you need a great question.
Persuasive is not the same as likable
Emotion always trumps logic
Good is the enemy of great

Gov 2.0 @darrenwhitelaw
1. Collaboration, openness, empowerment

1. Collaboration B
2. Openness – C-
3. Empowerment D

The Future A+
JBDI (Just bloody do it)

My Take
Still a way to go to get government into the community world and 2.0 but things are slowly changing. May start with Local Government

Very similar themes to AMSRS Conference the week before in Melbourne, more for less, using existing resources and driving value in a new world/way of working


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