Mobile and Mobility –can we handle the truth ?

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The iconic one liner from Colonel Jessep  (Jack Nicholson) to Junior Lieutenant Kaffee (Tom Cruise) in the 1992 film, A Few Good Men when  Cruise’s character asks for the truth and Nicholson bellows back, “you can’t handle the truth” is one of the most powerful film monologues of all time (in my humble opinion). The bully Nicolson refuses to consider that the young upstart (Cruise) has any idea of what is required in “his world” and refuses to acknowledge a new world that is changing.  In the end that was Colonel Jesseps downfall.  The market research profession is changing to better suit the needs of the people we need to engage with and I hope we are ready for this change.  

I think the most important driver of change for the MR profession globally and certainly in Asia Pac and Australia is going to be the growth of mobile.  It will lead to challenges and opportunities. For MR professionals it gives us the opportunity to stand out from the rest and communicate with consumers and citizens in a way that they find interesting, acceptable and something they want to be part of.  Mobile devices provide the single largest opportunity to collect reliable information in a cost and time effective manner.  It is an approach right for the times.  

The future of digital engagement is mobile and digital is changing everything. How consumers communicate, shop, gather information, engage with brands and interact with each other or companies. So for me mobile and mobility is exciting because it’s: 

  • More than about response rates, it’s about respondent experience and location
  • Gives us a chance to improve accuracy and quality by reducing the lag between experience and response feedback

Consider the drive of mobility in markets such as Asia and Latin America, where half of the world’s population is getting mobile quickly. Where the young are the most connected online and more likely than anyone else to use their mobile phone for everything except phone calls?

Mobile penetration in Asia is over 65% and in many markets companies are skipping web based solutions and online research and head straight to mobile.

Pushing boundaries is going to be required, grounded in our basic privacy and code principles but also appreciating how human behaviour has changed.

I think even Colonel Jessep (big Jack) would have a hard time arguing against mobile and mobility with the growing mountain of evidence right now. 



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