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In 2004 when James Surowiecki published The Wisdom of Crowds he caused quite a stir within market and social research; a stir that is still being debated seven years later. In the book, Surowiecki argued that ‘the many’ are smarter than ‘the few’. He presented case studies to show how collective wisdom shapes business and economies. In short, he proposes that the aggregation of information from groups results in better decisions being made that those made by any single member of the group. I don’t want to debate here whether this is right or wrong for research, but I do believe that getting input from lots of AMSRS members on a range of topics is leading to better decision making for the Society as a collective.

Our strategy is to listen, discuss and consider how far our finances can stretch – and then act with all of our members’ best interests in mind. We are working to get more members’ voices heard and examples of this include:

  • The QPMR review in August was undertaken by a fresh set of members with both clients and suppliers represented. Thank you to Kathy Benson for getting that ball rolling with her simple post on LinkedIn.
  • We involved members in a discussion about the key messages we should present on massive banners to promote the profession, which will be displayed on the exterior of the Sydney Town Hall this week.
  • Members also have a chance this month to have your say on the new draft constitution. The draft will be emailed to all AMSRS members in September and we are hoping for wide-ranging member feedback.
  • There has been member feedback on the structure of the Research Effectiveness Awards, which has resulted in more award categories. Check out both the news story and double page spread in this edition of Research News (http://www.amsrs.com.au/index.cfm?a=detail&id=8512&eid=402), which pre-empts the launch of 2012 Awards at the conference. I am particularly excited about the new Young Researcher’s Award. Mark your calendar now on 24 May 2012 for the Gala Awards night in Sydney.
  • We are taking action on the request for more educational features in Research News and the theme of next month’s edition is ‘continuing education’.

Listen, discuss and consider what we can do, make sure you have a say.


Social networking a two way mirror to public opinion

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