Thank you Todd and Russel

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If you didn’t see the Gruen Transfer last night, you should check it out –

For a while now, I have been whining about the fact that the Advertising Industry is not listening to research as its considered boring and gets in the way of creativity.  Last night my 2 favourite panelists, Todd and Russel showed me may be wrong or things are changing.  Both these guys lead major Ad Agencies in Australia and they really spoke about how valuable research can be in the marketing process, ROI, avoiding costly mistakes etc etc.  They disagreed with other panelists that started down the well worn track that research stifles creativity and just tells you what you already know. 

I thought that was great and good on you Todd Sampson and Russel Howcroft for helping the cause of those that know.  Research done correctly is a great investment and working in partnership with Ad Agencies is productive!


What airlines need to appreciate – it’s all about experience

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Like many others, I spend lots of time travelling, something I feel extremely lucky to do.  Last month I was lucky enough to fly between Toronto and Chicago and by chance I was introduced to Porter Airlines.  Being an ignorant Australian J, I had never heard of Porter, who I understand is a Canadian privately owned Airline who are really having a go and providing a different airline experience. 

I could not believe how pleasant it was.

1.       Purchasing the ticket online was easy and the flight was fantastic value

2.       You leave from downtown Toronto so close from work to the airport.

3.       You take a 3 minute pleasant ferry ride to the terminal

4.       You walk into the terminal and it looks like the Qantas Chairmans lounge but less stuffy. Food, drinks, lounges, fast wifi and very comfy

5.       You walk on to the plane, met by really well presented staff

6.       Once they take off, they come and give you a neat snack and offer a drink in a glass (all free of charge)

7.       They ask if you want a refill

8.       They take away the rubbish without grumbling

9.       You land at Chicago Midway, luggage appears within minutes and you are in a cab and almost in downtown Chicago quickly.

In a time when Airlines are going bust, making cuts, trying to achieve loyalty, spending $ on everything, I wonder if anyone has stopped and really tried to understand the business traveller experience.  Porter are doing an amazing job and I would bet their customer sat scores reflect this.  Everyone I spoke to after that flight told me that Porter were great.  Great experiences, leading to great word of mouth, leading to great loyalty.  Simple – right?  

Learning from Lindsey Buckingham – always wanting to do better

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This never-ending thirst for learning by people within our profession is something that continues to amaze me. Our profession is coming out of a tough few years in business and yet our professional development program (PDP) and conference numbers have never been stronger. The AMSRS Winter School last month comprised of eight different workshops and they were all near sellouts. We work hard at AMSRS to continue to innovate and improve the scope and quality of professional development and my thanks always to PDP gurus Bob White and John Scott for their great work in improving things constantly.

I recently watched an interview with Lindsey Buckingham, legendary guitarist and male lead singer of the musical group Fleetwood Mac, during which he was asked how the band had remained so popular for so long, despite all the turmoil, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle. He responded by saying ‘if you are any good at all you know that you can do better’.
And maybe that is the reason we continue to come to together to learn.

Long live our thirst for learning and wanting to do better. It will assure us a role in the future of business.

We have another opportunity to learn coming up with Conference 2011 being held at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney 7-9 September. There is an amazing line up of speaker and papers: six keynote speakers including Sheila Keegan and Matt Church; seven invited speakers including Iggy Pintado and the amazing Caz Tebbutt; interwoven amongst a host of fantastic papers written by our members from around Australia. The icing on the cake will be Dr Karl’s breakfast hangover cure session on the final morning and Wil Anderson’s closing session. Conference Chair Suz Allen and her committee have done a wonderful job again this year so if you have not already done so, check out what’s in store at

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