The 5 Things I Learnt From AMSRS2010

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2. Engagement is the next big thing….
The research profession is talking about engagement but in general perhaps not doing a good enough job in making our work more engaging for respondents or users of research

3. Research needs to get social
We are going to need to better understand the language of social networks in the near future.
4. Simplicity
The shift still happens and is accelerating. Information overload and the need for new product cycles to accelerate is increasing.  We need complexity in research—but only in design and analysis. The complexity we need should not trouble our respondents, nor concern those who are informed by our research. We need more simplicity.
5. People read my column in Research News
Amazingly, people are reading my monthly column in Research News so if you have any ideas or themes you would like me to highlight please send me a note and I will try to accommodate!

So there are a few things I've learned. If you'd like to some of VC crew at play go here. I'd also like to thanks the team at AMSRS for putting on a great show.


Sharing is Caring but it takes practice!

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The market research profession is well known for its thirst for knowledge, networking and ability to let our hair down when the time is right.

We are less known for our ability and want to collaborate, so it has been refreshing to see the activity in the first ever AMSRS member discussion community forum that ran during July and August as a follow up to the member survey. All members should have received an invitation to participate and for those of you that took up this opportunity to engage, thank you. Not surprisingly there were a number of good conversations and debates on key topics. We will be analysing and acting on this information during 2010.
This first step made me think about a few key thoughts on how we share or don’t share across our profession, namely:
1. How can we share more and remain commercial?
2. How do we collaborate to develop better value and work?
3. How should we develop new people networks across Australia?
4. How do we (together) work to get the message of research to a broader marketplace and create new opportunities?

Which leads me to the big question that blogger Chris Brogan always asks, how do we develop relationships and exchange ideas within the profession that can yield value for all? We are going to have to work this out together and the member community was a great start. It also reminded me that it is never about the technology but more how we choose to use it.

Via this community we were able to explore areas such as Qualified Practising Market Researcher (QPMR), the professional development program (PDP), our relationship with AMSRO and even what AMSRS will/should/could look like in 2020. This will all help shape what we do and invest in at AMSRS.

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