Time to get busy

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Have you heard of the slow cooking movement or perhaps the best-selling book Slow? Both sound like a good idea but I can’t remember the last time someone told me that they were feeling cruisey and taking it easy, be it at work, industry functions, at home or even talking to friends and family. Everyone tells me they are super busy and have never been this busy – flat out, working longer, sleeping less, no time for rest. Does this sound familiar?

Well, just when you thought you couldn’t take anything more on, I am going to ask you to consider getting more involved in the profession you belong to in Australia – the Australian market and social research profession. It will make you feel better to do something for the collective and we need fresh ideas from fresh people!

Over the next few months we have a number of major initiatives that I would ask you to consider getting involved in:

This month you should receive an invitation to participate in the 2010 AMSRS online member survey, which I urge you to complete when you receive it. You will notice a new look and feel and it provides the opportunity to generate key metrics and also the opportunity to discuss some key topics via a series of short term online communities. We want to build a better profession based on member feedback so please don’t put this one in the draft box for too long!

The National Council has been working diligently since October last year on a new strategic plan for 2011-2013, which will be distributed to members in September after the findings of the survey are considered. This document will guide our decision making over the next few years so I urge you to read it and forward any thoughts you would like to share on this.

The 2010 national conference is looking incredibly attractive and it will have something for everyone. We will also be launching (along with AMSRO) the new external communications brand for the market and social research industry in Australia, the Research Industry Council of Australia. This brand will enable AMSRS and AMSRS to speak as one voice to the general public, government and media on important issues that will help us all.

As this is an election year, all state committees and National Council are calling for nominations, so ask around and see if this is something you would like to try. If you want to discuss what is required please feel free to contact me directly to discuss.

So save slowing down for another day, get involved in your Society – believe me you will not regret it.


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