What is post The Brand Bubble in brand equity measurement ?

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A friend of mine, Tim Heberden (who knows heaps about Brand Equity and measurement) asked me to talk to his Master of Marketing students at Sydney Uni earlier this month. I am far from an expert in this area but I enjoyed presenting this deck with lots of help from another friend, @michaelbatistic from Amplify Innovation.

What I learnt in the process is that:

1. There is still no agreed measure of brand equity across business and each company requires unique measures
2. Consistency is key and building knowledge over time about a brand is key (a full motion movie view vs a single photo)
3. If The Brand Bubble (http://vimeo.com/2013701) does burst we may be needing to quickly agree on a measure of social media engagement and how it relates to brand behaviour


Check out what my 7 year old did for me yesterday

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I am really showing off here but I have 3 beautiful daughters that keep me grounded whenever things gets tough and they make my life great (my wife helps with this too!). They don’t care about deadlines, meetings that go over time, presentations or pitches that go wrong or right, they just want to say hi when I get home and tell me about what happened to to them today or what they are looking forward to. I am a lucky person and i wanted to share that fact.

Embracing New Disciplines may will see your relationships with clients thrive

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It’s been a busy month and a rainy saturday was the first time I have had a chance to read the May edition of Research News – http://bit.ly/97q2Sj

My own thoughts on what client want centre around the fact that one size does not fit all and i don’t think we on the Agency side really understand the changing needs of clients. I was on the clientside 12 year ago and can go back to what I neeeded and expected from research agencies then, but as we know it has all changed.

Here are some thoughts on the issue and if you get a chance, check out Simon Chadwicks great article on the topic that was in the March edition of Research World.


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