The Future of Marketing and Research is Social

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I have a view that the future of Marketing and Research is Social and I want to explore that over the next month prior to presenting a paper at Innovate 2010 on 18-19 Feb 2010 in Sydney.

If you put together the thinking of Dan Pink (Whole new mind), Mark Earl (Herd), Malcolm Gladwell (Tipping Point and Blink) and James Surowiecki (Wisdom of Crowd’s) and listen to One Tribe by The Black Eyed Peas, I think you may have one possible explanation of why the future of successful marketing and research is social, and all about listening (listening is the new black as it goes with everything).

But, before being able to consider the future of marketing, I want to discuss the future of business, what’s the new new going to look like?

In a world of constant disruption and accelerating change (do you feel it?), it seems business is always on, its dynamic, global, frictionless, innovative, social, immediate, demanding less risk and assuming an ability to do more with less.

If Marketing needs to fit within this, clearly the only way to get attention will be to develop truely authentic and relevant relationships with your customers, remembering that business is always on! So how do we do this successfully…….. happy to share thoughts


What Marketing Can Learn From Vanilla Ice

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Closer Customer Connection in Changing Times

Tighter times and quickly transforming social norms call for more creative, innovative and contemporary ways to connect with consumers. Media, NPD models and marketing development are all crying out for closer customer consultation in a cost effective and time efficient manner. Allowing people to connect with others, to learn and be entertained is changing the research landscape. It is a new method of engagement.
So what does the research profession need to do?

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The Future Of Marketing

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We have come from a place where David Ogilvy was unquestionably the king to where the guys from Google are the kings. Get ready for the new consumer revolution which is much more about active participation than passive consumption and acceptance of marketing messages and new products.
New Innovation and marketing models are required to match the Digi times. We need to engage with the tools to creating Closer consumer connection opportunities.
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Web2.0 And Communities

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Marketing and research is about engaging and connecting with consumers, to transfer results into actionable intelligence with a view to increase your competitive advantage. And yes web 2.0 is about listening and learning and engagement and interaction but the business advantage of web 2.0 and online communities is that they will
• Enable greater ROI of research investment
• Provide fresh insight
• Accelerate innovation process
• Provide greater brand advocacy
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